Home Inspection in Saraotga Springs NY – Review taken from Yelp

“We have been very pleased with Ian’s service from Spec-Pro Home Inspections. We were so pleased with his inspection for one our homes that we used him again just recently. His assessment is very thorough and found him very personable and professional.

After the inspection, Ian prepares a detailed report with pictures identifying issues that were identified that may need addressing.

You will not be disappointed with his quality.”

“Ian is detail oriented inspector who leaves no stone unturned. We recommend Ian and his company Spec Pro to all of our clients” – Taken from LinkedIn

“Ian takes the time to provide his client and there real estate agent a complete, lay mans terms, explanation of the home inspection being performed and the standards set forth for him to follow in NYS. I always try to have Ian for all the home inspections I have done with clients because I know they will never be disappointed by his service. I personally, learn something new from Ian on each inspection I attend with him. Highly recommend him for his knowledge, professionalism, expertise and client oriented customer service.” – taken from LinkedIn

“I have used Spec-Pro many times to inspect homes for my home buyer clients. Ian is very thorough, and takes his job very seriously. He works well and communicates well with the buyers, and is always professional and friendly. He always emphasizes that the buyer can call him after the closing if they have any questions. I can highly recommend Ian Robertson (Spec-Pro) to anyone looking for a competent and knowledgeable home inspector.” – Review taken from LinkedIn

I recently preformed a home inspection in Schenectady NY. Schenectady poses interesting challenges from home inspectors, as one building in the Stockades of Schenectady is among the oldest in the continental US, and then just a couple miles down the road is a newer development. The homes in the Stockades are always interesting to inspect, and they have very interesting features. I find that most people who live there take great care of their home, because they are the type of person who chooses tp live in a classic, older home in the Stockades. 

Here is a note from one of my clients for whom I did a home inspection for in the Stockades in Schenectady recently:


Thank you for coming to do the home inspection.  The report is very helpful.  It is well organized and detailed.”

I love older homes, and I am glad it shows through in my home inspections and reports. Are you looking for a home inspection in the Stockades or any other part of Schenectady? 

This is from one of my home inspections in Wilton NY

This is from one of my home inspections in Wilton NY

“Outstanding! Ian Robertson performed a full home inspection plus a radon test in Wilton, NY for me and my wife, the buyers. Ian arrived a half hour early and had already had been on the roof to inspect it and was inspecting the perimeter when we showed up. Nicest person you ever want to meet. Personable, intelligent, and down to earth. Walked us through every corner of the house and gave us loads of advice on simple fixes that can be done as weekend projects. He kept asking if we had any questions and was happy when we did ask. The report was amazingly thorough and my real estate agent was very impressed. He really makes what can be a scary and stressful process fun and enjoyable. We felt empowered afterwards, like, ok… we really got to know this home (good and bad) and what things we need to tend to first and what we don’t have to worry about.
It’s very clear that Ian loves what he does and Spec-Pro is a top notch company. They have a super reputation and rightfully so. My agent was forwarding an email to me regarding when the bank appraisal would be done and I noticed further down in the email chain where she wrote, “the inspection was extremely thorough, this was my first encounter with Spec-Pro (Ian) and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a home inspector.” That was nice to see and I hope more people get to work with Ian. Highly, highly recommended.”

Saratoga Springs Home Inspectors have unique challenges. Saratoga Springs is full of old and historic buildings, as well as new construction and construction from multiple time periods. If a home inspector does two home inspections in one day in Saratoga Springs NY, he may find himself inspecting a 150 year old historic building with a two pipe stem radiator system, slate roofing, balloon framing, and very unique issues. Then, in the same day, he my find himself doing a home inspection on a brand new custom built home with forced air heat and radiant floor supplemental heat, asphalt shingle, platform framing, and many “green” features.

It takes a special type of home inspector to inspect in Saratoga Springs. If you are buying a home in the Saratoga Springs area, how can you be sure that your home inspector is the right home inspector for the job? It all comes down to talking. Talk with your home inspector. ask him about the home, describe it to him and see if he has a knowledge of that type of building. Also, do your research. If the home inspector you want has just moved to the area or has experience on only newer homes than he may not be the right choice for an older home. On the other hand, if you home inspector is experienced in newer homes, and your potential home is newer, than it is likely a good fit.