Altamont Home Inspections – I perform a lot of home inspections in Altamont NY. I really enjoy working there. My Grandfather was a fireman in Altamont years ago before his death, and even now I still run into people who knew him and who have a story to tell about him.

While I generally just really enjoy Altamont Home Inspections, I enjoy them more when I get to work with great clients! Here is a nice thank-you email from a client of a recent home inspection out in Altamont NY:

“You are truly doing what God has called you to do. Your breadth and depth of knowledge seems to have no end and the fact that you openly share and use this knowledge to help people must make for a very satisfying occupation. You pegged the customer satisfaction meter and please use me as reference if you want.

The report is very comprehensive and I agree that you captured the scope of the inspection and all our findings and observations.”

They were a great family to work for, and I wish them all the best!