Clifton Park Home Inspection Client – Inspect a lot of homes in the Clifton Park area. I recently inspected a home for a client who had a couple of issues. They were first-time home buyers who were wondering if I was going to be thorough enough for them. Here are just two if the messages that they sent me after their home inspection 🙂

First, after we found an issue, I recommend that they get a cost estimate for the problem by a qualified contractor and this was their message afterward: ” I think you might enjoy knowing that when I showed the mold expert what you found by the backdoor/wood rot in the basement he said “OH, he’s good!””

Then I got this message as well: “Ian, 

Thank you again so much! You have been very helpful throughout this process. We have decided not to move forward on this property at this time. I will be calling upon you for a future inspection I’m sure! “

I love happy clients!