Another happy home inspection client! This one is from Ballston Lake!

“Spec-Pro is excellent!!!! Not only did they do a great job inspecting my home, the inspector even found a problematic spot on my roof that I was able to get fixed before it caused too much damage. I saved their card for the future because they were so great.”

Should You Get A Home Inspection?

Many times a house looks great and people wonder “do I even need a home inspection?”

That is an interesting question. If everything seems to work and there are no apparent issues, then why get a home inspection? Well, it comes down to 2 things: knowledge, and peace of mind.

A home inspection does one (or both) of those two things. First, if there are issues that you, contractors, or handy family members don’t notice, you will now have knowledge. Does that happen though? I will tell you from the experience we have seen on thousands of inspections – %100 yes, all the time, almost every day.

If anything though, if you don’t find out anything new from the home inspection that you didn’t already know, then you at least have peace of mind.

Here is a thank you note that we received from a home inspection client up past Wilton NY who had this same dilemma:

“Thank you for the home inspection. It was an eye opener. At first I did not think I needed one but once we walked through the house I was VERY glad you came an gave me the bare bones of the house so I could see all the what parts needs to be kept up on what parts need attention now and things not to worry about. thank you .”