If you are reading this blog post, then you are likely looking for home inspectors in Albany. As you likely already see as well, there are many home inspectors to choose from here. So how do you choose the right home inspector for YOU?

I say “for YOU” because not everyone is the same, and not every home is the same. I am truly confident in my abilities as a home inspector and I am proud to have been a trusted inspector on many home inspections over many years. But that does not mean that I am the right home inspector for everybody (I know, It’s my blog and I am under selling – but it’s true). And here is why.

A home inspection is almost as much about people as it is the home, just like a doctor’s visit is about people just as much as it is about medicine.. You need to be comfortable with your home inspector just like you need to be comfortable with your doctor. Both doctors may find the same thing, but their bedside manner may be different. A home inspector can find the same things as another home inspector, but the presentation may be different as well.

I like to give a lot of information and explain as much as possible, which the vast majority of my clients like and appreciate. Sometimes though, a client may want “just the facts” and for the inspector to move on – not my style, but what some people prefer. So besides the obvious “what is my home inspector’s personality like”, what are some other things that you may want to know when choosing a home inspector in Albany?

Choosing the Right Home Inspector in Albany

So here are some nuts-and-bolts. A home inspector first of all needs experience and a knowledge resource. How long your home inspector has been working as a full time home inspector can be important information. But don;t go on that alone. I teach home inspectors over at Manfred Institute and sometimes the best home inspectors I have seen have not been in it for 30 years. I also know a home inspector or two that… well… have just been doing it wrong for 30 years. 

What do we mean by “knowledge resource”? A good home inspector, in my opinion, will belong to organizations like InterNACHI. This, and other home inspector associations, require  that the home inspector not become stagnant in his knowledge and continually take continuing education and improve on his knowledge base. They also keep up to date on modern building issues and other industry information. On top of that, a home inspector can’t know everything about every house, and these organizations give them access to other home inspectors that they can turn to for additional information on things that they find.

Home Inspectors and You

So there are really a lot of factors to consider, but this all requires that you as the consumer do your research and look up prospective home inspectors. No home inspector is perfect, and no home is perfect. If you are looking for home inspectors in Albany, ask around, check with your real estate agent, your real estate attorney, friends, family, read reviews online, and make ure you are getting a good, contentious home inspector.